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What is The Velocity Network?

For quite some time I have observed a growing schism between the practical needs of individuals concerned with career management and job hunting, and the bulk of the advice available to them from career coaches, books, on-line resources, recruiters, HR, and the press.  It appears to me that much of the advice and counsel is focused on how to successfully execute a job search, while complying with various social requirements and norms, dictated by HR.

We are about to see a comprehensive transformation of the entire field of career management, taking all of the best practices in sales, marketing, promotion, negotiation, etc., and translating that into tools that put career management power into the hands of the individuals who realize that ‘compliance’ in job hunting – meaning following the rules that HR wants followed – has become a failed strategy.

The new model of job hunting and career management will be marked by what could be considered significant risk taking, based on an accurate analysis of the likely outcome of ‘compliance’ (ie: one submits the resume through HR as requested, only to never hear back), vs. the likely results a ‘guerrilla’ approach might deliver (ie: approaching the CEO directly, rejecting boldly the suggestion that one go through HR, and making that resistance an actual feature of ones candidacy).  Successful outcomes are the measure of success, balanced by the long term consequences of any ‘outside-the-box’ behavior. The mission is to explore aggressively best practices in this new territory, and to promote a communal effort to test and hone those ideas and tactics.

The Velocity Network is an attempt to address the need for information about best practices in career management on the part of individuals dedicated to improving the range of choices they have available professionally through their own proactive development of strategies, plans, and programs which velocitize their careers. The intention is to create a not-for-profit entity, The Velocity Network, which will host regular meetings as well as an ongoing conversation among its members around the tools, practices, approaches, strategies and tactics that represent the absolute leading edge globally in resume writing, job hunting, career management, and the like.

Please sign up for our Meetup Group:

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