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Ventures we’d like to see: PitchZone.TV

PitchZone.TV would be an Arizona-focused video social networking site and
trading community for investors and other key members of its
entrepreneurial ecosystem, centered around a
24/7/365 live streamed videocast of interviews and programming
showcasing Arizona’s most interesting investors, entrepreneurs and deals
across six sectors – tech, healthcare, energy, real estate, services,
and the consumer space.

As its core value proposition, PitchZone.TV would allow investors who are
interested in Arizona deals to view user-posted videos anonymously,
individually, or as the member of a group, request additional data
regarding those opportunities, collaborate with other members regarding
due diligence and investment, seek and secure co-investors, access news
and documents regarding their investments, and exchange those
investments with other members.

PitchZone.TV would be a reverse classified ad site that would seek to fundamentally velocitize the start-up economy in Arizona by
allowing entrepreneurs and IP creators, management and Board talent, and
service providers to make a video ‘pitch’ regarding their search for
funding, their search for an advisory role, Board seat, or permanent
employment, or for their services, respectively, to a geographically
specific audience of qualified investors, employers, and buyers, in a
secure, permission-based, and SEC-compliant virtual environment.

PitchZone.TV could brand itself as the virtual and literal center of
person-to-person business communication in Arizona. The company could make money from sponsorships and advertising, a private
label hosted offering for corporate, organizational, and public sector
entities, and transaction-based intermediary fees in the form of cash
and equities.

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