What is ‘The Velocity Factor™’?

As an executive recruiter who has specialized in working with technology based growth companies since 1982, I have had the opportunity to work with over 10,000 entrepreneurs, founders, inventors, executives, and investors over the course of twenty-five years. I have cheered their success through countless fundings, growth cycles, IPOs, and ’10-bagger’ exit events. I have lived through major cataclysmic industry downturns with them, and vicariously experienced countless other up-and-down cycles in a multitude of technology-specific and vertical market niches.

In all of that time, across all of those opportunities to work with talented people, backed by capital, pursuing economic greatness, one thing emerged to me as a clear differentiator between the people, ideas, and companies that got talked about, and those that couldn’t find anyone to talk TO. The hottest ideas, companies, and deals always had what I have come to call velocity.

They had an almost palpable success momentum, in the form of ideas or intellectual property, capital, people, and the promise of assembling those things they didn’t already have, with high confidence. They virtually vibrated with intensity of thought, action, and apparent endorsement by association, and seemingly were able to attract needed ingredients for success through a kind of success magnetism. Though the most successful companies I observed were the result of exceptionally gifted founders, or once-in-a-lifetime confluences of timing, and opportunity which can’t be intentionally replicated, I could see there were indeed velocity building blocks, or factors, which could be created, and leveraged to accelerate the speed of success.

In addition, I observed that among all of the individuals, companies, and investors I spoke with about their objectives, and how I might be able to help, one thing emerged as the common ingredient among them. They were all looking for a way to accelerate the speed of their success. They were looking for ways to leapfrog normal business cycles, and end up farther ahead, faster! They were all seeking, without articulating it as such, opportunities to increase their own velocity.

Although the concept of success momentum was not new to me – motivational books had been saying for years ‘Nothing Succeeds like success!’ – it struck me how powerful a force this velocity factor was in differentiating those who were ‘running down the hall with their hair on fire’ from everyone else. I set out to dedicate myself to understanding what were the underlying components which added up to giving something the velocity factor, and how they could be created, accelerated, and maintained to increase the speed of success.

The Velocity Factor is an attempt to dissect the ingredients which come together to drive the success of an idea, a project, an individual, or a company – the factors which determine its success velocity – and to give the reader the ability to manipulate these factors in their own environments in order to accelerate the speed of their own success, and that of their ideas, projects, and companies.

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